Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

The White Hand

D&D Session 13 (+1)

The White Hand has begun its attack on the smuggling ship we find our herores on. In the heat of battle, Marius Silverhand finds a weapons cache which includes an enchanted Blunderbuss and a Wand of Wonder. The first use of the strange wand produces a powerful thunderbolt that blasts a hole in the ship’s hull and another in the neighboring attack ship, launching Steve into that ship to cause his own mischief.

Meanwhile, Root had jumped into the water and turned into a shark, ripping off the rudder of one of the attack ships. The ship careens out of control, losing speed but also listing toward the main ship.

Two spellcasters were causing trouble. However, a deft shot of one of the main ship’s ballistae by Raugz Vadok sends body parts at one of the spellcasters… The second spellcaster, however, sends his deadly attack toward the ship, only to have the ship jerked violently to one side in a collision with the second attack ship.

The firebolt hits the mysterious navigation room and everyone on the ship are suddenly unable to move as the strange magicks imbued in the navigation room effect both decks. The White Hand come aboard, subdue the crew and stow our heroes bound and chained into the lower cargo hold.

But wait! Steve’s tail points towards the sky. That can only mean one thing! Pip, the Faeriedragon sneaks on board and helps our heroes to escape, killing the crew and their strange captain. The ship is theirs, though at a terrible cost. They are forced to weigh anchor in a deserted inlet for repairs…



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