Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

The Village

D&D Session 16

While docked for repairs, the party fell deeply asleep – awaking to smiling faces and all their equipment gone! Their companions Root, Steve, and Reginald were missing as well. They are greeted by a priest and taken to a grand feast in their honor.

Of course, something was very off about this place, and the players investigated – finding brainwashed villagers and no way out of the village surrounded in darkness. They also find a new companion – Nala the dragonborn Monk. Their prying eventually got them in trouble with the Priest (speaker for the great Qemorn). They were thrown into the dungeon, where they met a horrendous golem of flesh.

Thankfully, after navigating a dark and dangerous maze, the party escaped the dungeon (and found their equipment! And Root – surrounded in a green glow that was keeping her safe and asleep). Upon their escape they are confronted by Qemorn himself and his minions of flesh. When they defeated him the village began to shake, everything was turned upside down, and the party fell out of the bag of holding Qemorn had been keeping the village in. They were rewarded with new crew members and a few trinkets to fuel their nightmares.



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