Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

Ankara, the port of Daudun

D&D Session 16

TL;DR: Our adventurers come to Ankara, listen to Steve’s dark portent, smuggle Vannan out onto their ship, get tailed by Dwarven secret police and are warned of the dangers by a member of a local organization called “The Warren”.

Our adventurers, fresh from the little holding bag of horrors, find themselves with new crew and a ship ready to set sail. Davian learns of the strange way the brass infused into the superstructure of the ship is able to turn the entire structure into one large teleport anchor and decides to try it. They successfully warp the ship and its crew within spitting distance of their destination: The trade port of Ankara.

They have only just arrived when Steve the Lizard suddenly speaks out, a strange and unknown voice emanating from his maw warning of dire circumstances and warning that they must stop “The Gray Ones”. Who this is, or why they are speaking through steve is, alas, a mystery…

Our heroes act the assistants and confidants of Rogoth, the half-dragon cult leader that was slain in one of their first adventures. Steve the Lizard, of course, plays the part.

Their newfound friend, a Dragonborn by the name of Nala, enters the city and goes her own way, saying she will return after she sends a message to her brother telling him of her adventures while captured in the Village.

They are allowed into the city proper, where they meet with Marcus, one of Emmet‘s business friends who pays them for re-opening trade. When leaving his home, they find themselves being followed by dark clad Dwarves. They, and their tails, head to Vannan Huxley’s workshop.

Vannan admits to his deals with the Gray Dwarves. Davian helps teleport Vannan to the safety of the ship before the crew return to their Inn.

Raugz Vadok is accosted by a young female Dwarf named Anara who claims to be a part of “The Warren”, a group affiliated with Nala and her brother, Balazar. Anara warns Raugz of the danger of the dark cloaked Dwarves, as they are Keshgar, the Dwarven secret police.

Have they been discovered?

Our heroes are left with an important decision to make. Do they continue to act as the followers of Rogoth? Or should they pay to be smuggled in through the underearth passage? Or should they take the mountain pass and brave the elements rather than the patrols?



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