Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

The Man-Cave

D&D Session 12

This week, on D&D!

Our adventurers have entered the deepest reaches of Vincent’s mind, the Id. They are taken via head-elevator to a dark dungeon where they meet several sallow-skinned dwarves, the Gray Dwarves (Duregar). After several battles and exploration through the strangely shaped hallways, our heroes find all of the power crystals to open the inner-most chamber.

Here, they find Vannan as Vincent imagines him. They are given a choice to make: Choose a side in this brotherly feud or find a way to mend the relationship.

But what’s this?! Evil Santa bursts through the wall of this imagined room and a final battle begins, during which Vincent’s face is severely burned. They quickly find out that what happens to Vincent could very well destroy the dream… and perhaps the dreamer with it.Fortunately, the six compatriots protect Vincent and Vannan, kill Evil Santa, and escape Vincent’s room before he wakes.

With new information about Vannan Huxley’s dealings with the Duregar, our adventurers strike out for the docks… for Daudun, the reclusive Dwarven nation. How many of these iron automatons has Vannan created? For what purpose? Are the Gray Dwarves really a threat once more? Tune in next time!



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