Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

The Garden

D&D Session 11

Our adventurers found themselves in the Ego level of Vincent Huxley’s dream. Wounds recently healed from the fiasco at the party in the Superego level, the heroes have no choice but to move on with poor Vincent along for the ride.

While exploring the garden, they soon discover that the area is booby-trapped in a variety of ways, giving both good and bad fortune. The statue in the center of the garden turns out to represent Vincen’ts dead wife who returns as a Banshee, undead crawling from nearby graves to help attack the players.

Highlights of the evening:

  • Steve saying “I have a bad feeling about this”
  • Steve almost dying, then almost swallowing a void life orb
  • Davian falling over a lot
  • Marius getting pushed into damage runes by Root
  • Raugz losing in a screaming contest with a Banshee
  • Davian single handedly destroying a mimic
  • Dream dust. Dream gold. Dream band. Dream grass.
  • Evil Santa celebrating “Axe”-mas



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