Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

Ankara, the port of Daudun
D&D Session 16

TL;DR: Our adventurers come to Ankara, listen to Steve’s dark portent, smuggle Vannan out onto their ship, get tailed by Dwarven secret police and are warned of the dangers by a member of a local organization called “The Warren”.

Our adventurers, fresh from the little holding bag of horrors, find themselves with new crew and a ship ready to set sail. Davian learns of the strange way the brass infused into the superstructure of the ship is able to turn the entire structure into one large teleport anchor and decides to try it. They successfully warp the ship and its crew within spitting distance of their destination: The trade port of Ankara.

They have only just arrived when Steve the Lizard suddenly speaks out, a strange and unknown voice emanating from his maw warning of dire circumstances and warning that they must stop “The Gray Ones”. Who this is, or why they are speaking through steve is, alas, a mystery…

Our heroes act the assistants and confidants of Rogoth, the half-dragon cult leader that was slain in one of their first adventures. Steve the Lizard, of course, plays the part.

Their newfound friend, a Dragonborn by the name of Nala, enters the city and goes her own way, saying she will return after she sends a message to her brother telling him of her adventures while captured in the Village.

They are allowed into the city proper, where they meet with Marcus, one of Emmet‘s business friends who pays them for re-opening trade. When leaving his home, they find themselves being followed by dark clad Dwarves. They, and their tails, head to Vannan Huxley’s workshop.

Vannan admits to his deals with the Gray Dwarves. Davian helps teleport Vannan to the safety of the ship before the crew return to their Inn.

Raugz Vadok is accosted by a young female Dwarf named Anara who claims to be a part of “The Warren”, a group affiliated with Nala and her brother, Balazar. Anara warns Raugz of the danger of the dark cloaked Dwarves, as they are Keshgar, the Dwarven secret police.

Have they been discovered?

Our heroes are left with an important decision to make. Do they continue to act as the followers of Rogoth? Or should they pay to be smuggled in through the underearth passage? Or should they take the mountain pass and brave the elements rather than the patrols?

The Village
D&D Session 16

While docked for repairs, the party fell deeply asleep – awaking to smiling faces and all their equipment gone! Their companions Root, Steve, and Reginald were missing as well. They are greeted by a priest and taken to a grand feast in their honor.

Of course, something was very off about this place, and the players investigated – finding brainwashed villagers and no way out of the village surrounded in darkness. They also find a new companion – Nala the dragonborn Monk. Their prying eventually got them in trouble with the Priest (speaker for the great Qemorn). They were thrown into the dungeon, where they met a horrendous golem of flesh.

Thankfully, after navigating a dark and dangerous maze, the party escaped the dungeon (and found their equipment! And Root – surrounded in a green glow that was keeping her safe and asleep). Upon their escape they are confronted by Qemorn himself and his minions of flesh. When they defeated him the village began to shake, everything was turned upside down, and the party fell out of the bag of holding Qemorn had been keeping the village in. They were rewarded with new crew members and a few trinkets to fuel their nightmares.

The White Hand
D&D Session 13 (+1)

The White Hand has begun its attack on the smuggling ship we find our herores on. In the heat of battle, Marius Silverhand finds a weapons cache which includes an enchanted Blunderbuss and a Wand of Wonder. The first use of the strange wand produces a powerful thunderbolt that blasts a hole in the ship’s hull and another in the neighboring attack ship, launching Steve into that ship to cause his own mischief.

Meanwhile, Root had jumped into the water and turned into a shark, ripping off the rudder of one of the attack ships. The ship careens out of control, losing speed but also listing toward the main ship.

Two spellcasters were causing trouble. However, a deft shot of one of the main ship’s ballistae by Raugz Vadok sends body parts at one of the spellcasters… The second spellcaster, however, sends his deadly attack toward the ship, only to have the ship jerked violently to one side in a collision with the second attack ship.

The firebolt hits the mysterious navigation room and everyone on the ship are suddenly unable to move as the strange magicks imbued in the navigation room effect both decks. The White Hand come aboard, subdue the crew and stow our heroes bound and chained into the lower cargo hold.

But wait! Steve’s tail points towards the sky. That can only mean one thing! Pip, the Faeriedragon sneaks on board and helps our heroes to escape, killing the crew and their strange captain. The ship is theirs, though at a terrible cost. They are forced to weigh anchor in a deserted inlet for repairs…

Foreign Shores
D&D Session 13

Emmet helps get our heroes onto a ship bound for Daudun. The ship seems normal in every way except for a series of strange markings on the wood, almost as if made by lightning. Our adventurers follow these markings and a strange magical aura and find themselves in the navigation room which includes a single large brass compass built into the floor and a large world map.

However, their investigation is cut short, as treachery is afoot! A mere day out of port and the ship is set aflame by a saboteur. While attempting to quell the fires and subdue the ruffians, Sanzin with his keen halfling eyes spots two approaching ships bearing a white hand on their red sails.

What’s more, Davian‘s attempt to burn up one of the instigating mutineers, a dwarf, ends in two strange revalations. The dwarve’s armor includes a white hand that matches the sails of the attacking ships. He must be behind this attack. What’s more, he knows our heroes, and claims they killed his brother, Ambrose

What starts out as a simple case of mutiny is starting to look more and more foreboding. But our adventurers aren’t giving up yet!

The Man-Cave
D&D Session 12

This week, on D&D!

Our adventurers have entered the deepest reaches of Vincent’s mind, the Id. They are taken via head-elevator to a dark dungeon where they meet several sallow-skinned dwarves, the Gray Dwarves (Duregar). After several battles and exploration through the strangely shaped hallways, our heroes find all of the power crystals to open the inner-most chamber.

Here, they find Vannan as Vincent imagines him. They are given a choice to make: Choose a side in this brotherly feud or find a way to mend the relationship.

But what’s this?! Evil Santa bursts through the wall of this imagined room and a final battle begins, during which Vincent’s face is severely burned. They quickly find out that what happens to Vincent could very well destroy the dream… and perhaps the dreamer with it.Fortunately, the six compatriots protect Vincent and Vannan, kill Evil Santa, and escape Vincent’s room before he wakes.

With new information about Vannan Huxley’s dealings with the Duregar, our adventurers strike out for the docks… for Daudun, the reclusive Dwarven nation. How many of these iron automatons has Vannan created? For what purpose? Are the Gray Dwarves really a threat once more? Tune in next time!

The Garden
D&D Session 11

Our adventurers found themselves in the Ego level of Vincent Huxley’s dream. Wounds recently healed from the fiasco at the party in the Superego level, the heroes have no choice but to move on with poor Vincent along for the ride.

While exploring the garden, they soon discover that the area is booby-trapped in a variety of ways, giving both good and bad fortune. The statue in the center of the garden turns out to represent Vincen’ts dead wife who returns as a Banshee, undead crawling from nearby graves to help attack the players.

Highlights of the evening:

  • Steve saying “I have a bad feeling about this”
  • Steve almost dying, then almost swallowing a void life orb
  • Davian falling over a lot
  • Marius getting pushed into damage runes by Root
  • Raugz losing in a screaming contest with a Banshee
  • Davian single handedly destroying a mimic
  • Dream dust. Dream gold. Dream band. Dream grass.
  • Evil Santa celebrating “Axe”-mas

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