Shattered Planes: Ellyrium

Foreign Shores

D&D Session 13

Emmet helps get our heroes onto a ship bound for Daudun. The ship seems normal in every way except for a series of strange markings on the wood, almost as if made by lightning. Our adventurers follow these markings and a strange magical aura and find themselves in the navigation room which includes a single large brass compass built into the floor and a large world map.

However, their investigation is cut short, as treachery is afoot! A mere day out of port and the ship is set aflame by a saboteur. While attempting to quell the fires and subdue the ruffians, Sanzin with his keen halfling eyes spots two approaching ships bearing a white hand on their red sails.

What’s more, Davian‘s attempt to burn up one of the instigating mutineers, a dwarf, ends in two strange revalations. The dwarve’s armor includes a white hand that matches the sails of the attacking ships. He must be behind this attack. What’s more, he knows our heroes, and claims they killed his brother, Ambrose

What starts out as a simple case of mutiny is starting to look more and more foreboding. But our adventurers aren’t giving up yet!



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